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The social behaviour of the poet during new freedom of globalisation

Abstract: With this article I will try to answer to some questions I find of vital importance to stimulate a deeper reflection on the meaning and on the real background of our lives today, starting with the role of literature and poetry and the way they are analysed by sociology.
I will be writing about the role of science and of the polish poet, as well as comparing it to the Italian one between tradition and a new kind of freedom linked to globalisation.
I chose to study about the poet Wisława Szymborska because she reached Italy before she received the Nobel Prize (1996), thanks to the translation Pietro Marchesani made, and in 1995 she already obtained an astonishing success among the critics and among the readers, besides the small circulation and distribution.
In this time of globalisation I can intervene proposing this question, that is also one of the points of my book: what is the role of literature today, how has it changed and how a local writer, a polish one becomes global and free by ideology or politic? Global means that readers from different nationalities with different individual and social life stories far from the polish experience identify themselves with Szymborska?

Language: English

Download: The social behaviour of the poet during new freedom of globalisation. Wislawa Szymborska’s case in Italy and Poland